Disaster push-type

information app

This application


application of

is a notice

Earthquake early

Wheather Warning.


Eruption Alert,



There are many

are useful for

tools which

an emergency.

Notice the disaster


in the push-type

This push-enabled

Earthquake Early

app pushes alert about

Warning, Tsunami


and special

Eruption Alert,

Weather Warning within Japan.

The app provides various

foreign tourists and residents

functions useful for both

to be taken in the light of

flowchart showing actions

in Japan, such as Evacuation

Communication Card for

surrounding circumstances,


information from

and Website Links

the people around,

that contain

helpful information

in the event

of a disaster.

Earthquake Early Warning

Tsunami Warning

Eruption Alert,

Special Wheather Warning

Heavy rain,Heavy snow,Storm,Snowstorm,High waves,Storm surge

to the language

5 corresponds

available in

The application is

5 languages

Japanese, English, Korean,

   simplified and traditional Chinese 

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